The President’s Speech

Singapore is a city-state of 5 million people, well known for being a regional hub not only for South East Asia but also for Asia Pacific.

A large number of regional headquarters of large international companies are located there, the geographical location is ideal and the Singaporean government has been able to put in place unprecedented incentives. Furthermore, it is a country, which welcomes many entrepreneurs, especially in the field of innovation. Singapore is investing a lot to encourage innovative initiatives in a large number of areas (sustainable development, biotechnologies, FinTech, etc.) with the ambition of becoming an essential “hub” in new technologies, at the regional level and beyond.

French companies, of all sizes, and in all sectors, are very widely represented.
Our committee comprises over sixty members; it is one of the largest in the world. Our role as Foreign Trade Advisors finds its full meaning in Singapore, not only to provide our expertise and support France’s foreign trade, but also to support the attractiveness of our country, which is very often at the forefront in many areas of innovation.

This is reflected in particular by the establishment and animation of working groups around very specific themes (recently: “Green Finance, Food Tech, MedTech” …).

We also regularly engage in mentoring actions, particularly with start-ups or SMEs, and remain available to companies that may wish to set up and develop in Singapore or from Singapore to advise them as best as possible.

The President’s Speech
Veronique Denis-Pelliet
President of the CCE Committee in Singapore
[1] ASEAN and AEC member countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam